Initially a sub-camp of KL-Buchenwald, Mittelbau-Dora, which became an independent Konzentrationslager in autumn 1944, was, along with its system of sub-camps, used extensively for forced labour - performed by thousands of concentration camp prisoners through the years 1943-1945. They mostly worked within the underground "V-weapons" rocket factories that were constructed in the Harz mountains near Nordhausen, central Germany. Of around 60,000 deported to Mittelbau-Dora, one third would later die.


The Mittelbau-Dora paper chits were issued in nine different denominations - 0.01RM, 0.05RM, 0.10RM, 0.25RM, 0.50RM, 1RM, 2RM, 5RM and 10RM. All were made of thin paper, printed in different colours and share a format unique to the Mittelbau camp. The series number was printed on the reverse with the face of the note showing the serial letter. The words "ARBEITSLAGER MITTELBAU" are printed across the face of the note above a large circular area where the value was entered. The reverse bears a warning against counterfeiting and also explains the use of the note.

Mittelbau-Dora Tokens