Established in the suburbs of Hamburg in late 1938, initially as a sub-camp of KL-Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg, Neuengamme would later become an independent Konzentrationslager, with well over 100,000 people being deported to the camp during its existence from late 1938 until spring 1945. Around 12% of the inmates were women. Around half the entire prisoner population, some 50,000 or so, died either within the Neuengamme camps or during the evacuations at the end of the war.


Neuengamme currency was produced in two formats. The 1943 standard KL pattern was first, followed by the standard 1944 design. The 1943 pattern Prämienschein came in .50RM and RM1 denominations, both printed on thin card and measuring 68x50mm. Later, the same denominations were used again with the 1944 design, examples of which measure 73x52mm.

Neuengamme Tokens