Located at Oswiecim, nowadays a city in southern Poland, the main camp was established in 1940 within a former Polish military barracks and would later be recognised as the largest killing centre within the entire concentration camp system. The Auschwitz camp system accounted for a minimum of well over a million lives, with the majority being killed at Auschwitz-II, Birkenau.

Gate Auschwitz

The Prämienschein (premium tokens) were issued in three different formats. Firstly, with "Prämienschein" printed in a semi-circle at the top of the token above a denomination marking within a circle. These were printed on thin card and came in .50RM and 1RM denominations. The second type has the wording "Prämienschein über (.50RM / 1RM)" at the top, with "Häftlingsgeldverwaltung KL Auschwitz" marked below. A space for the signature of the SS-Obersturmführer is located at the bottom right of the piece. The third type again reads "Prämienschein über (.50RM / 1RM)" at the top of the token, with "Konzentrationslager Auschwitz" written underneath. A large section of the note was left for the circular validation stamp. The size of the printed circle at the centre of this area can vary. At the foot of the token, a printer's mark - bottom left corner, with "KL/100" or "KL/101" designating either the .50RM or 1RM value respectively, is found. An issue date (8.44 - August 1944) is followed by the total number printed, 500,000. Again, the tokens were printed on thin coloured card and the denominations were .50RM and 1RM. Some examples were stamped with "Frauenlager Birkenau" or "Männerlager Birkenau" on the reverse.

Auschwitz Tokens